How to lose weight fast and effectively at home

Losing weight is becoming the anxiety of many people. Read on to learn 8 ways to lose weight fast safely from natural ingredients to help you have a perfect body.


How to get fit is a process that takes a lot of perseverance and effort. Currently, there are many weight loss methods in which a healthy diet will help you effectively lose weight safely at home.

1.Reduce banana balance

Bananas are a popular fruit often used as a dessert in meals. Bananas are high in fiber and have anti-starch components that help burn fat and fat, reducing energy intake.

Weight loss menu with bananas: Breakfast should eat 2 bananas, before lunch and dinner should use 1 banana, reducing 30% of the diet. Hot spicy foods should be avoided to minimize the accumulation of body fat.

2.Reduce sweet potato balance

Sweet potatoes are considered a panacea to lose weight is applied by many women. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help burn and kill fat, making the body slim and firm in the fastest time.

Weight loss menu with sweet potatoes: Breakfast: you should eat 1 or 2 sweet potatoes to recharge for the whole working day. Eating a sweet potato 30 minutes before lunch helps you feel full and doesn't eat much at lunch. Avoid eating sweet potatoes at night will easily fill the stomach and cause indigestion.

3. Reduce honey balance

Honey is not only used to treat skin beauty but also used to quickly lose weight effectively. To speed up the weight loss process you can create a detox drink of lemon and honey.

Put 2-3 tablespoons of honey dissolved in two liters of filtered water and two lemons to taste so that you can drink instead of water daily.

4. Reduce oat balance

Oats are a very effective food for weight loss. Eating oats helps you feel full for a long time, burns fat quickly, and still provides enough energy for the body.

Oat weight loss menu:

Breakfast: You should eat a bowl of oatmeal porridge with 1 boiled chicken egg.

Lunch: a bowl of oatmeal porridge with 2 boiled chicken eggs or greens

Dinner: a bowl of oatmeal porridge and drink water after 30 minutes - 1 hour.

You should eat fresh fruits like apples or grapefruit to provide vitamins and drink plenty of water to lose weight faster.

5.Reduce brown rice balance

Brown rice contains a lot of fiber which helps the digestive process slower when eating brings a feeling of fullness from which you can lose weight quickly.

Weight loss menu with brown rice: breakfast you drink roasted brown rice. Next to lunch, use brown rice and green vegetables. At dinner you eat boiled greens

6. Reducing grapefruit balance

In grapefruit contains many vitamins to help strengthen the resistance and burn excess fat to help women soon regain perfect shape.

Weight loss menu with grapefruit: before or after breakfast 15 minutes you eat 3-4 grapefruit. Lunch drink 1 glass of grapefruit juice before or after lunch 15 minutes. Dinner you eat 3-4 grapefruit or make grapefruit salad arbitrary.

7.Reduce egg balance

Chicken eggs contain a lot of protein to help replenish energy for a whole day and promote muscle growth. If you regularly exercise combined eating boiled chicken eggs will help the body will quickly be toned to increase weight loss.

How to lose weight with chicken eggs: You eat boiled eggs within 14 days drinking about 8-10 glasses of water a day helps the body eliminate toxins easily.

8.Reduce butter balance

Avocado is high in natural fat, which helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood for the heart and especially helps with weight loss.

Avocado can be processed into drinks such as smoothies, pickled with unsweetened yogurt or eaten directly after the main meal about 30 minutes for the butter to promote the effect of preventing the accumulation of fat in the body.