Top 10 ways to make money online at home best

Surely many young people are no stranger to making money online. Making money online is the trend of 2012with many groups from young people, students, moms, mothers, or those who want to have a passive or left-handed job for themselves whose income source adding even higher than the main s


Many of you are very excited and curious to hear stories about you all day plugging your face into your phone, computer, online 24/24 but every month they earn dozens or even hundreds of millions of dong. So what is making money online and where is the best way to make money online? Let's follow the article below to see what are the top 10 fastest ways to make money online!

What is making money online?

Making money online, also known as MMO is a new form but not strange to many people. This is a fairly common form of business. It can be defined that making money online is a form of making money from internet jobs with the method of working via internet-connected devices such as mobile phones or computers or some networked devices. other. This can be seen as a new term pairing since the internet appeared in Vietnam, supporting and combining with an online business - online businesses.

Making money online is currently a popular form that many people prefer and choose for many reasons. Firstly, the need to promote brands of stores or brands is increasing, using the internet to help you reach customers without spending too much money on advertising. Secondly, investors do not have to spend too much capital in investing stores, premises, facilities ... In addition, the online business helps sellers save time as it only requires the right equipment. Internet connection is able to participate in working anywhere anytime.

Top 10 ways to make money online today

The following will be the most effective ways to make money online today. There are many paths for you to choose according to your own suitability. There are ways to make money very quickly, but it is only awake and in the long run, it is not as effective as the beginning. There are simpler ways to make money but not high income, but the level of stability will be longer.

1. Make money with Affiliate Marketing of ACCESSTRADE

Affiliate marketing is also known as affiliate marketing. This is simply understood as a method of introducing your products to customers, typically some websites, web-app of online sales such as Lazada, Shoppee, Tiki ... Your profits will come from the deduction. commission for each product sold through those websites. Commission rates may fluctuate around 8-15% or more.

This form has great benefits when you do not need to own too large capital. In addition, you do not need to worry about personnel management, warehouse management, goods or customer care ... Besides, the commission you receive and the flexible working time in Anywhere is a great advantage, attracting many people interested.

Currently, ACCESSTRADE is the leading affiliate marketing platform in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general. With more than 80 major partners who are the leading suppliers in the fields of Finance, E-Commerce, Education, Business ... Some outstanding distribution partners among more than 80000 partners can mention the following. Familiar names like Tiki, Shoppee, Lazada ...

2. Make money through Trade Coin - electronic money transactions:

Make money through Trade Coin - electronic money transactions:


Trade Coin form - electronic money trading has a cryptocurrency called Cryptocurrency. In addition, cryptocurrencies are also called with names such as cryptocurrencies, digital currencies ... The reason these names are born from this currency is formed based on the encryption technology, digitalization through modern algorithms.

Cryptocurrencies in the past two years have emerged as a "phenomenon" because the amount of money you invest can increase rapidly, doubling or even triple the number of assets you own. Although cryptocurrencies have recently been decreasing in temperature, two years ago, this seemed to be an "attractive bait" that many people were interested in and involved.

However, one outstanding issue that you need to pay attention to when learning about this currency is the risk and the relatively large technical vulnerabilities. Many people have to give these coins a "virtual currency". Many bad actors have taken advantage of the many people who are ambitious to multiply their assets and their trust and some techniques in techniques that have fraudulent, withdraw virtual money, leaving many people empty-handed. after only a few hours. It is also an area where participants should be as knowledgeable about information technology or as advanced as possible. For the inexperienced, it can be said to bet like a game.

Google Adsense is also considered a tool to help you make money online effectively. All you need to do is create a website and maintain it with a stable amount of traffic. When your website has a stable visit, you will receive an offer of Google ads. You can sign up with a Google manager to get money from placing ads.

However, the value obtained from Google Adsense is not really high enough and if you want to have a large income, you must have a website with a lot of traffic. Small websites will often have difficulty getting attention and stable income. It is for this reason that many people have turned to other forms of higher income.

4. Make money online through Teespring by selling t-shirts

T-shirt sales were a popular form of money-making in 2020. For MMO employees at the time, selling t-shirts was a huge form of profit. The number can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per month. All you need to do is design beautiful T-shirts and promote them.

To accomplish this job, there are some indispensable elements in your skills. The first is about creativity. You need to have a very good creativity and good ideas in the beauty of products to create unique, strange and beautiful designs. Besides, design skills and some other skills are also very important. To perform this job well, you need to have a perfect plan to promote the product such as: where to run ads, how to run Facebook Ads to be most effective, find the audience and offer suitable target ...

5. Selling online on Facebook:

Referring to online sales on Facebook, in addition to being known as the largest social network, Facebook can also be considered an effective and extensive online sales channel. Thanks to the characteristics of the world's largest social network with a large number of followers and users, Facebook accidentally became a large "product exchange".

With the platform available from Facebook, most of the time, business people will choose to do business directly via their personal page. Then will be able to expand through the group meeting, fanpage. In particular, Facebook also supports running ads if you need it. Huge number of facebook users will become your potential customers, familiar and "visitors". Specifically, there are many people who have become billionaires only through sales through Facebook. Items sold through Facebook also have a certain variety. However, the prominent items are usually clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics ... because these items often attract the attention of many people.

Selling online helps you save maximum time, manpower, management costs or rent offline stores. Moreover, you do not need too many business paperwork or need a certain amount of capital to start your business intentions. This can be considered as the most popular method of making money online today, attracting many young people.

6. Make money through selling goods on e-commerce sites (eBay, Amazon ...)

Still a form of sales through e-commerce sites. However, one of the latest trends of MMO is selling through eBay, Amazon ... Of course, when selling online, your profit is already stable but when selling on foreign sites with If the buyer is a foreign customer, the profit will surely increase many times. There are many young examples in Vietnam with a monthly income of millions of dollars in this form only. Those who are new to Dropship will often choose simple and cheap markets like Aliexpress because the price of goods is often much lower than other international markets.

However, this form of making money online is really not suitable for beginners. There is sincere advice for those who want to expand their business online: start from selling online through social networks first, explore the market and learn more about digital marketing before you can move forward. further in markets like this. In addition, your English needs to be at Good level because this is an international trade site, all your product information, transactions, advice ... must be in the default language in English.

7. Copywriting, writing standard SEO articles

This is a priority job for those who love writing and have a passion for writing. However, before taking this job, you need to have an understanding of what is SEO standards and how to write a standard SEO article. In fact, to learn about this problem is not really too difficult. You can fully learn through videos, SEO standard articles and carefully read the requirements of a standard SEO article that agency or SEO Companies really need. In addition, you should prepare yourself for more knowledge related to the field you write and can learn, expose other issues such as writing articles, administration through websites or Wordpress ...

Besides, with your skills and writing passion, you can expand the writing for fan page - the shop does not have time to write ads or lack of staff in this department. You can also expand on the administration and development of fan page. To accomplish these jobs, you need to have a passion for writing, learn more about content marketing, learn more about design tools and skills, design, image editing, basic photoshop ...

8. Freelancer

  • Freelancer is actually a concept not too new to young people today. However, the previous generation still many people do not understand this form. Freelancer is a concept that refers to people who work for another person (be it an individual, a company or a corporation ...) but do not suffer any constraints on working time or attendance at the company. whether or not the binding will work for how long. As long as the freelancer is still on schedule as agreed with the supervisor. A famous freelancer site in Vietnam with many outstanding achievements for you to learn is

Many previous generations still oppose this form because their parents always want their children to have a stable job instead of the so-called "freelance work". Because freelancers are not tied to time, but the income is not stable by month or quarter or year. The income completely depends on the freelancer's decision that he or she works less or less. But for young people, freelancers are a form of choice for many people because they can save a lot of time to do other jobs and because of the freedom of freedom that they do not want to be bound at each person's workplace.

Some freelance job search sites you can refer to are:

  1. Fiverr
  2. SEOClerks
  5. 5.    Toptal
  6. 6.    NCubeRoot 

In particular, Fiverr is currently the most respected freelancer job search site. This is a job search site for freelance professionals. If you have a certain skill such as writing, designing, photoshop ... you absolutely can get product design for someone for $ 5. Or you can agree on a different price with your tenants depending on the number of products and your capabilities. Anyway, Freelancer has been and will still be the "hot" working trend of young people today.

9. Make money online through Youtube

 Make money online through Youtube

Youtube is developed strongly and firmly on the basis of Google. This can be viewed as a social network that allows you to upload videos and store for yourself or share for YouTube users to watch it for you. As of now, YouTube has been ranked among the top 10 largest social networks in the world and leading the trend in video activity. Thanks to the solid foundation from Google as well as the popularity of the internet today, Youtube is having a great impact on people. According to a typical survey and report in Vietnam, the average Vietnamese citizen spends about 2 hours a day watching Youtube. It has been shared that Vietnam has a number of YouTube Yououtubers earning up to VND 30-40 billion with a tax amount of several billion.

This information proves that making money through Youtube is no stranger and even growing and expanding. It has become a familiar channel for those who love making videos, vlogs, blogs ... Some typical examples of making money through Youtube that you need to know are famous beauty blogger Michelle Phan with over 9 million Followers or PewDiePie - a Youtuber with millions of followers on YouTube.

If you really like making videos and want to be able to share it widely with the community, along with being able to earn more income from Youtube, then start to learn this field immediately.

10. Make money online with your personal website and Blog

To make money through your personal website or blog, you need to create a blog or have your own website. On those websites, you can post photos, videos, share articles about the field you want to convey so that the SEO standard and optimize the appearance on the top of Google search. From there, you will have more ways to make money like:

  • Make money for showing google AdSense ads. (Income will only be high if you have a huge amount of traffic)
  • Make money from affiliate marketing related products to blog content. (combine with the first way: doing Affiliate marketing with ACCESSTRADE as guided above)
  • Receive advertising products and services on the blog.
  • Make money selling products you've shared…

However, if you want to be a blogger, you need the following:

- The ability to write shared articles - this is an extremely important factor showing whether you can convey your emotions to the reader or not and decide whether they return to your web or blog again.

- Knowledge knowledgeable - you need to be ready a treasure trove of knowledge for yourself in the field you want to convey before you start working as a blogger.

- Knowledge of website, fan page - you should learn more about content marketing, digital marketing, SEO knowledge on-page, the ability to manage your own fan page or website.

If you are sensitive to trends and have the ability to manage your website, your website will be like an online miniature company, helping you "make money" with just the internet connection and the spread of the community.

Some ways to make money online should not be involved

Making money online is really a trend of many young people, students, moms or people who want to take advantage of their free time to join. However, besides professional and long-term development, there are still many jobs of nature: scams, scams, inexperienced, low benefits, revenue. poor, unstable, ... Here are some top jobs you should avoid when trying to make money online.

1. Make money online by typing captcha code

Some advertisements on job search sites such as: "data entry - typing code - entering ABC codes ... 2-3 days of work, weekly money transfer - monthly via ATM, ..." are all advertising for jobs. Type captcha code. This is probably the most popular way to make money and also the most advertising on the job page. Your job is to enter the code into your free time. The amount you receive is equal to the number of codes you enter. The job is actually not bad, but it gives you no experience or experience other than killing time. In addition, it also carries the risk of being deceived, so please do not participate in this form.

2. Make money by doing online surveys

This is also a form similar to typing captcha above. Your job is to do the survey every time there is a notice, the number of surveys will be accumulated in the account you have set up and you will be paid based on the number of votes participated in the survey. This is quite easy. However, the points you accumulate are quite small and will take a lot of time to earn several hundred thousand salaries. Meanwhile, you absolutely can use the time to experience many other interesting and more useful. Also, many surveys come from abroad, so you probably won't get paid. Therefore, this is also a form that you should not participate in. But if you want to try and tell once, there is no need to think too much. In fact, many of you join just for curiosity but very quickly will be bored and give up.

3. Make money online via youtube, facebook links, watch ads

Still the same form as above, these are forms of burning free time and waiting to see promotional videos, view sentences, like sentences for social networks or websites. The amount of salary you receive is still too small compared to the valuable time you have spent before. Besides, your phone or computer will also have to run non-stop when you join these forums. In short, quite a time consuming and the salary is poor.

4. Participate in leading flatform and fraudulent ICO projects

There are many ICO projects that have taken advantage of the digital currency boom - a form mentioned above to scam and you need to pay attention and learn carefully before investing this form. Leading under the Ponzi model of bitcoinnect is a clear demonstration and you need to learn very carefully before investing money. This is no longer a laborious task, it can even be called a crime and a large island fire. So you need to be really vigilant.

Luggage required before you want to make money online

To be able to make money online safely, effectively, with knowledge, you need to prepare yourself for the following factors:

Understanding of digital marketing, online marketing: The explosion of the internet is the reason why businesses today have been using online marketing as their main advertising channel for their businesses because of its cheaper cost and benefits. It brings quite big. There are two most popular forms today: advertising through Google Adsence and advertising via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ... In addition, there is much other knowledge such as Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Chatbot, Youtube, Affiliate Marketing, GDN .... that you should learn more in the process of doing. To make MMO successful, these insights will be a great help for you.

Understanding website administration:  With  Wordpress Website or blog platform, you do not need too many programming skills. Then, you just need to set up the content on your website and proceed to do MMO.

Understanding bank payment: In the process of making MMO, banking transactions and payments are an indispensable core. You need to prepare yourself a visa (debit or credit) card to facilitate the payment process when running Google and Facebook ads; Add a Paypal or Payoneer account to receive payments if you are targeting overseas markets. If you are not eligible for the card, you can borrow your family member's temporary card for the first time.

High spirit of study, sustainable will: Starting to do MMO will face many difficulties, even fail many times. So having a strong will is something that you should be prepared at all times to work. In addition, the constant learning from successful people who go ahead and have the flexibility to create new things in the way of close friends is also a key to success in the path of making MMO. You should even specify that within three months of starting, you will not receive any profit except knowledge. If you have the will to passion and continue to overcome, you can do MMO seriously.

In short, MMO currently has many forms and methods to implement from easy to difficult, fast to long-term. Speaking easy is not true but difficult is not entirely. If you are really passionate and determined to pursue to the end, nothing is impossible to achieve, even the benefits you gain are many times higher when you choose to work as an office worker or a certain job. other. Be alert to choose for yourself the most suitable and effective job on the road to making MMO!