What is Google Index? Ways to help Google index faster

What is Google Index? - Even if this is one of the most familiar, even most used terms for SEO investors, do we really understand what Google Index means? , about ways to make Google Index faster or how to create an effective Google SEO plan? Invite you to Mona Media, in turn, to answer th


1. What is Google Index?

Concept Index:

First, let's learn about the concept of Index.
Index means index. To put it more simply, this is a collection of information, organized by a specific rule, also by the Alphabet table (AZ and 1-9), ... with the purpose of supporting the Information lookup becomes easier.

Depending on the level and size of the information, the Index process may be broken down by categories, topics, ... but still organized according to the rules.

What is Google Index?

Based on the above concept, in SEO Marketing, Google Index becomes a term related to the search and analysis of Google tool information.

More precisely, Index is the Google Bots process of scanning and evaluating websites based on the content that Internet users are searching for. And after each such process, Google will save the results and compare, then evaluate the reliability and reliability of that data. The more data Google scans and evaluates, the more likely it is that Google can rate and rank on search engines.

2. What you need to know about Google Index

  • How to check the data has been Google Index:

In fact, SEO investors can easily check how many pages Google has indexed on their Website through the following method:

Step 1: Go to Google Search.

Step 2: Type in the search bar of Google Search using the syntax:

site: (domain of website)

For example, suppose you want to search for articles that Mona Media has been indexed by Google Index on the Google Search engine, just type:


If the results are empty, it means that your website has not been indexed by Google, or even the website has encountered a problem blocking Google's bot.

How long does the Google Index process take?

The process of Google Index sounds simple, but certainly there will be no sooner or later that your article can quickly rank or "slow down" appear in Google Top 100 right away.

Instead, you will have to wait for the Index process to complete. Implementation time, Google's index speed fast or slow will depend on many factors, among which the most typical can be mentioned as the structure of the Website, quality of links or traffic of visitors, ...

On average, pages will be indexed and indexed within 1-2 months. However, some other sites will have a longer wait time, about 5-6 months to be able to "nhem" step into the rankings. And also depending on the quality of the content of the site, after comparison, each Website will stand in a different ranking position.

The impact of Google Index is slow:

Still know the time index of each website is different, but does the slow progress of Google Index affect those websites?

→ Reduce the speed of SEO:

Currently, almost SEO is realtime. The constant changes in SEO also greatly affect the quality of website content.

A slow Google Index will reduce the SEO speed of the whole website from 3-5 days compared to normal, significantly reducing the effectiveness of SEO.

→ Affect the work of the SEOer:

SEO ranking affects a lot of SEOer's work, regardless of whether you are a project SEOer or a full-time company or unit.

With a slow Index, even though trying to boost Top, the speed is still slow. You will not be able to manage or produce an accurate SEO timeline.

The job is not smooth and effective, underestimated or at risk of being laid off is entirely possible.

→ Easy to copy from the opponent:

Also with the slow Google Index, websites specializing in copying articles are very likely to take the opportunity, turning their "copy-paste version" into the main article, while the main article in the Website "is harmed" accidentally Turns into a reluctant copy. And that is extremely dangerous for content creators.

3.Some methods to help Google Index posts faster:

Pay attention to website loading speed:

You may not know it, but Google's "bots" have a process similar to that of regular Internet users.

To be able to decide whether your Website is eligible for Index or not, the Google Index system must first check your content. If the loading speed of the website is too long, the "bot" will "impatient", can not wait and will exit the page without indexing any content, because it only stops at the Website in a certain time frame.

Therefore, optimizing the loading speed of the Website is one of the things that you should improve to help Google Index articles faster.

Building a website with a standard code structure:

One of the top reasons, causing your website not to be indexed, can arise from the code.

Ideally, check carefully whether your website's code structure contains malicious code or "suspicious" components. If so, we should fix it as soon as possible.

Develop new, non-duplicate content:

The freshness of the content is the top criteria that Google cares about. In other words, Google absolutely hates websites with duplicate content. You can even be penalized if your site has too many duplicate contents, "stir-fried and reprocessed." So, to improve the status of the Index, please provide Google with the content with appropriate and new criteria.

Of course, that is not enough. The frequency of content also needs to have a certain level of regularity. Therefore, you need to update new articles regularly every day or at least 3 posts/week, creating a habit for Google bots to regularly visit your Website to index, avoid reducing Website rankings.

Declare an XML Sitemap with Google:

Sitemap.XML is a diagram board, helping Google bots can access and review the content. So, a website wants to "need no adjustment" must declare XML Sitemap with Google.

The necessary operation in this step is that after completing the content of the article on the Website, you need to immediately notify the Google variable. Go to Google Webmaster Tool , submit the URL and then wait for 10-15 days to allow Google time to confirm and check your page.

Optimize onpage SEO:

Optimize SEO onpage is a very effective solution, helps Google understand your content better. When Google understands fast, so is the speed of the Google Index.

There are 2 issues that you need to keep in mind when embarking on onpage SEO optimization:

→ Optimize images:

Choose a good quality, uniform size image. Especially must provide Description in the Alt tag. Meeting these requirements, Google can better understand your image.

→ Build Internal link:

Internal links, basically the links between the articles in your Website are quite important to achieve the purpose of Google Index quickly. Not only that, building Internal links also helps to reduce bounce rate to a minimum.

Whenever publishing new content, link old articles and regularly update links from new posts to old posts, consolidate the rankings for old content, and promote new posts to the Top better. . The important thing is that Internal links are natural and bring a certain value to the readers, helping them to better understand the topics that they need to learn.

Build a quality dofollow backlink :

 Build a quality dofollow backlink

When your backlink property rel = "dofollow" attribute, the bots of google will think it is a safe link. It will point to that link and Index into Google. From there, the Website will be scored + points in Google's Pagerank.

However, this is beneficial, but also has certain disadvantages to your site.

→ Advantages:

The dofollow backlink system has a direct effect on the PageRank of that Website. The more links there are from quality websites, the greater the importance of the website. Since then, the opportunity to rank high in the search results of the Web site is also higher.

→ Restrictions:

In case your Website has backlinks from bad content sites, negative and not appreciated, the reputation, PageRank, ... of your Website will decrease, resulting in a series of serious consequences. Another key comes from Link Spam.

Therefore, it is best to be careful and carefully consult the content of the Web site before letting others put textlinks on your Website.

Building fanpage on social networks:

Building fanpage on social networks

There is one method that is most used, which is to build the Fanpage system of the Website on the basis of social networking sites. Quite simply, the more links pointing to your site, the more Google will appreciate, thereby increasing the ranking of the Website. When there is a link from other communication channels pointing to Fanpage, Website, Blog, etc., it will be beneficial for SEO.

4. Conclusion

What is Google Index? How to make Google Index faster for posts on your Website? Mona Media believes that after reading these conclusions, you have "pocketed" quite a bit of necessary knowledge, right.
In summary, fast Google Index time is always important in SEO, helping articles quickly reach readers. Wish you success and see you in the following sharing.