Setup a free custom domain email on Yandex - Updated 2019

Still just an email address to send and receive mail, but instead of using email in the form of [email protected] or @, @, ... Then you will own the email with the extension Is your own domain name like [email protected] or [email protected] For large companies or business


What is email domain name?

Still just an email address to send and receive mail, but instead of using email in the form of [email protected] or @, @, ... Then you will own the email with the extension Is your own domain name like [email protected] or [email protected] For large companies or businesses, it also shows the professionalism of the business, and customers will appreciate your business very positively.

Yandex is?

Yandex is a Russian web company with more than 60% of Russian web users using it. Yandex is the 4th largest search company in the world with more than 150 million daily searches and about 50 million regular users. The company's motto is that users can search for all the answers that people want to ask.


Why choose Yandex?

There are quite a few email service providers with their own domain names like Google, Zoho, ... but I choose Yandex because:

  • First and foremost is because it's Free =))
  • Can create up to 1000 emails.
  • Add unlimited domains.
  • Unlimited email usage.
  • Having an app for use on mobile is very convenient


Sign up for a Yandex

Obviously, when you want to use Yandex services, you must already have a Yandex account. You Click here to proceed to register an account.

Enter your full personal information.

Note: You must enter the correct phone number + country code to receive the verification code from Yandex.


Add domain names to the account

After registration is complete, you will be redirected to a personal page. Please update all necessary information then visit here to continue adding your registered domain name, then click Signup Free

Domain verification

You need to verify your domain ownership to continue

Yandex provides up to 4 different verification ways, you can choose 1 of 4 ways, whichever is most convenient for you.

  • HTML file: Create a file named xxx.html with your example content:

 Then upload to your friend's website root directory.

  • Meta tag: Use the Meta tag 

Add the meta tag above to the head section of the website. Remember to take your code, do not copy yourself:


  • WHOIS : Use Whois. This is a bit confusing, I did not do it
  • DNS record : Configure more DNS TXT records. I use this method, because every road has to be here to configure. 

Add DNS record (required)

After successful verification of domain ownership, you must configure DNS records to receive and send mail.

Add the corresponding records as Yandex it requires offline

Complete DNS configuration with Cloudflare, Godaddy or whatever.


Note : You have to wait for a while for the DNS configuration to be updated, depending on the provider, it may take up to 72 hours to complete the update.

Create an email account by Custome domain name

To create an email account with your own domain name, on this Connect page, select the domain you just added to the account - Organization structure (Все сотрудники) - Click Add - Add a Person

Enter all required information for Email


Note : select the language is English offline, for easier use, and you can also create up to 1000 emails for free

After creating the domain name Email, you need access to the email to set up the email information. You can access here or the link you created above.

Change the password and agree to the terms when you first log in

Create and login successfully!

To check, try sending an email to another email for sure.

Tips to use Yandex mail

Create default email address

All emails sent to invalid email addresses on your domain will be automatically redirected to the default address you set up.

To configure this default address, click Yandex Connect Mail  Settings

Enter the name of the email address in the box, click Save to save.

If you have any questions while creating your account, please leave a comment to discuss. Good luck!