Great change for Google Chrome Everybody is happy

The innovation on behalf of the Google Chrome application for Android has relieved all Android users. It will now be much more enjoyable to spend time on mobile devices and websites. So what problem have the users solved?


Google Chrome for Android no longer disturbs

Users who have complained about mobile ads for years have been tired of the mandatory notifications of their websites for the last few years. For those who do not want to be exposed to the notifications of websites came pleasing news.

Chrome users also wanted this system, which already exists in Mozilla Firefox. The blocking mechanism introduced with the Firefox 72 release leaves control and fate to the user.

The feature, which turns off notifications unless there is any intervention from the user, delights Google users for Android. Chrome and Chromium Edge software on desktop users, this feature is familiar.

Those who want to try this innovation, which is currently in Canary (Alpha), can follow the steps below. The steps described below apply to Chrome Canary version 80.0.3969.0 or higher.

 Visit the chrome: // flags page.

- Search for the word “Quiet”.

- Select one of the three muting modes that suit you.

- Restart your browser.

- Navigate news sites and test features.

The “Quieter notification permission Angouleme blocking system also applies to tablets. From now on quieter internet usage is waiting for you. How do you evaluate Google's choice? A useful feature?