About Skypir Social
Skybir is a Smart Publisher Social Networking Platform a Program of Pecebook. With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos,

Who We Are.?

We are a small team from Pakistan, Started Skypir in 2019 as a Local Social Network. Skypir is a Social Media Network which is spoken to by Skypir Social that paying its obligation to improve the estimation of Skypir-Technology with the suggestion of (Technology for Human Development). Skypir Social Network has changed the effectively embraced examples from other Social Media. Social Media Network is a development state of Technology that has abridged the entire world as a worldwide town and Skypir is an interesting mix of Technology and Social Media.

Why Started This .?

We have started Skypir social network so that people from all over the world related to different communities can convey their vision freely to other people. Skypir doesn't allow anyone to make hatred speech and to blaspheme or disgrace any religious personality